Vicki (Brewster) Alibozek

Lead Vocals, Percussion

Most Known for

Lead vocalist of prior bands "Mama's Kitchen", "Summit Hill" and currently sing harmony for singer songwriter "Aimee Van Dyne" and "Running on Jackson"

the Premiere Jackson Browne Tribute

​​​​​​Tribute to 80s & 90s Rock!

Adam Peterson (aka Gunner)

Bass, Vocals

Most known for

bassist of prior bands "Static", "Shyne" and "Madison Vandenburg's Band" (American Idol Finalist) 

Live Recorded Demo:

Christopher Courtney (aka CC)

Drums, Vocals​​

Most known for

drummer of prior bands "The Jill Gallagher Band", "Legal Tender", "Wood" and currently in "Waterloo Clyde"

​Generation X Rock

Matthew Alibozek (aka Matt-the-Hat)

Guitar, Vocals

Most known for

Guitarist of prior bands "Phoenix", "GUH!", "Ten Ton Goldfish" and "Barons of Becket"

Genre :
Iconic Rock hits of the 80s, 90s and a bit beyond (Rock, Classic Rock, Alternative, Punk, Ska)

Who We Are :

Live four-member tribute band composed of seasoned professional musicians, playing the evolution of songs from the Gen-Xer's teen years, but loved by all generations! Remember when music was "totally rad" and MTV use to actually play music?! We bring you back to the iconic rock hits from the 80s and 90s and bit beyond! 
We do it for the fans! We push past the standards and play songs that not too many bands play. We get you reminiscing of that time you sang in the mirror with a turquoise hair brush or you blasted your best mixtape in your '89 Honda Accord! Shout and dance to our fun yet edgy Rock from Heart, Queen, Ozzy, Prince, Offspring, Journey, No Doubt, Sublime and so much more! Powerful vocals, slamming guitar, thumping bass and sick beats that get you saying “Awhhhh!! …That’s my Jam!” 

Where We Play :

We originated in Berkshire County, MA and now perform in the greater part of Western MA, Capital Region NY, Southern VT, Northern CT and beyond! We play Local Clubs, Bars, Concert Series, Campgrounds, Festivals, Fairs, Parks, Private Parties and more! 

Member Bio :​​