Generation X Rock

Generation X Rock

The Rock Evolution of our Generation

Vicki Brewster 
(Lead Vocals & Percussion)

Matt Alibozek

(Guitar & Vocals)
Dan Goss

(Bass & Vocals)

Daniel Walczyk


Rock, Classic Rock, Alternative, Fun Rap-Rock, Punk, Ska...

What we are

Local Berkshire County MA (and beyond) Live 4-piece Rock Band composed of seasoned professional musicians, playing the evolution of songs from the Gen-Xer's teen years, but loved by all generations! The iconic rock hits from the late 70's, 80's, 90's and into early 2k! Dance music with a fun edge from Heart, Queen, Ozzy, Prince, Offspring, No Doubt, Sublime... all the way to Lady Gaga!

Our goal

Our goal as a band is to play songs that are a blend of edgy rock and styles that evolved from rock over our Generation. We do it for the fans! Remember when music was "cool" and MTV use to actually play music?! Ha, ha!  We want to play songs that not too many bands play, that are fun, danceable and those songs from your youth that make you go “Awhhhh!! …That’s my Jam!” 

Where we play

Berkshire County MA, Western MA, Capital Region NY and beyond! We play Local Clubs, Bars, Campgrounds, Festivals, Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, and so much more! 

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